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Case Studies

At Rheem, we do things a little differently. When we offer a solution, you can be sure you're receiving the best solution for the project. We take the time to really understand your requirements. Have a look at what Rheem can do for your project by seeing what we’ve done previously.

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Fantauzzo Hotel

Featuring Rheem Tankpak Series 2

Based on the compact design and the ability to rapidly heat large quantities of water at high efficiencies, the Rheem Tankpak® 9 was identified by the Rheem Commercial team as the best solution for the development

ANU Union Court

Featuring Rheem Commercial Heat Pump

Rheem recommended commercial heat pumps because of their high efficiency and low energy input. The heat pumps also require a significantly smaller footprint compared with a traditional solar thermal plant, which freed up valuable space in the buildings.

St Joseph’s College

Featuring Rheem Commercial Tankpak

To meet the boarding facility’s needs, Morrell Plumbing installed new mains pressure flow and return pipework, two Rheem Tankpak® 6 Star commercial continuous flow hot water systems (one for each wing of the building), both inclusive of two commercial storage tanks, plus each wing has Rheem Redi Set Dual Building Circulators.

ICC Sofitel Hotel

Featuring Rheem Commercial Raypak & RT Tanks

In order to meet the hotel’s enormous hot water demands, the hotel operator needed a commercial hot water plant that offered large hot water storage volume with a high level of system redundancy.

Meriton Infinity Tower

Featuring Rheem Commercial Raypak

Two plant rooms each provide centralised hot water supply to two separate zones in the building. Zone 1 services 199 apartments from level 2 to level 24 & Zone 2 services 287 apartments from level 25 to level 64.

Hyatt Place Hotel

Featuring Rheem Commercial Tankpak Series 2

The new Rheem Tankpak Series 2, with 12 continuous flow gas water heaters and two 410L Commercial Storage tanks, delivers reliable mains pressure hot water to 166 luxury guest rooms and all catering and hospitality facilities within the Australian Events Centre.

Vision on Morphett

Featuring Rheem Commercial Solar & Tankpak Series 2

Vision's design required a significant degree of solar energy contribution towards its hot water needs. The solution needed to have the ability to service 119 one-bed apartments, 60 two-bed apartments, 9 three-bed apartments, we well as 3 penthouses.

Magnum Apartments

Featuring Rheem Commercial Tankpak Series 2

A reliable hot water supply was required to service 24 one-bedroom apartments and 16 three-bedroom apartments with ensuite.

St Mary's Tower Retreat

Featuring Rheem Commercial Heat Pump & Guardian Warm Water

Rheem was asked to provide a cost-effective solution to provide for the hot water and warm water needs of up to 50 people. Rheem's challenge was to provide a suitable selection to service a building with an anticipated consumption requirement of 1250 litres over a one hour peak period each day and a total of 1875 litres every 24 hours.

Zen Apartments

Featuring Rheem Commercial Tankpak

Tower B includes 170 apartments. Rheem's challenge was to provide a suitable hot water plant design and selection to service a building with an anticipated consumption requirement of 10,925 litres over a one hour peak period each day, and operate successfully on the roof top of the 30-storey tower.

Kingsford Homestead

Featuring Rheem Commpak

Hot water required to service 6 Executives guest suites with an estimated hot water load of 1430L over a 1hr peak demand period including meeting the hot water demands of a commercial kitchen and laundry.


Featuring Rheem Commercial Tankpak

The brief was to supply an energy efficient centralised gas hot water plant with solar pre-heat & low running costs to each building while meeting the daily hot water requirements of the students.

Health Innovation Building

Featuring Rheem Commercial Solar

Rheem was engaged by plumbing contractor Smith Brothers Plumbing to provide a highly robust and cost-effective water heating solution for laboratory handwashing in addition to showers / ablutions for 800 staff members.

Fortitude Valley Apartment Project

Featuring Rheem Tankpak Series 2

The Tankpak ‘plug and play’ system was installed first to ensure continuation of hot water supply while Rheem removed the existing hot water system and installed the new cylinders.

St Georges Terrace

Featuring Commercial Heat Pump

As part of that project EoT facilities were retrofitted with a view to improving building sustainability and marketability. With the 14-shower facility required to accommodate an estimated peak demand of 2520-litres over the one-hour morning period when office workers arrive for work, the project brief called for the provision of a highly efficient hot water plant.

10 Valentine Avenue

Featuring Rheem Commercial Heat Pump

With the consultant’s project requirements calling for a high-efficiency hot water plant capable of accommodating 10 showers and a 2000-litre load requirement over a two-hour peak, Rheem Commercial sized and proposed a ducted commercial heat pump.

Parap Swimming Pool

Featuring Rheem Commercial Heat Pump

Rheem was tasked with providing an energy-efficient means of delivering a reliable hot water supply for the facility’s change room showers and kiosk kitchen. The system also had to accommodate restricted plant room floor space, while providing redundancy.

Katherine District Hospital

Featuring Rheem Commercial Solar

The hospital needed a major hot water system upgrade, converting from an old heat exchange system to an electric-boosted solar pre-heat system. The new system services 11 bedrooms, 2 delivery-birth suites, 2 theatres and 3 utility rooms.

Southern Bottling

Featuring Rheem Commercial Raypak

With hygiene critical, the plant needed a reliable, fail safe hot water supply for use in its cleaning and sterilisation procedures.


Featuring Rheem Commercial Tankpak Series 2

In accordance with the centre's reconditioning processes, 2000-plus horsepower engines and associated gearboxes are routinely doused in chemical baths before being subject to blasting with high-pressure, high-temperature water. A means of delivering outstanding high pressure and temperature performance was therefore paramount.

Jeta Gardens

Featuring Rheem Commercial Solar

To minimise gas consumption and maximise energy savings, a renewable energy solar pre-heat system with gas boost supplies the centralised warm water system. This adequately services the sanitary fixtures with UV disinfection of legionella incorporated in the warm water flow.

Preston Lodge

Featuring Rheem Commercial Solar & Guardian Warm Water

The daily hot water load for the facility is 9175 litres. 38 NPT solar collectors would provide 50% of the total hot water load in December and 37% over the full year.

Paragon Fitness

Featuring Rheem Commercial Heat Pump, Storage & Heavy Duty Electric

The centre has 8 showers and can cater for up to 180 people per day. Rheem was asked to provide an effective and economical hot water solution to meet the demands of the fitness centre

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