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HS Series
The HS Series uses drain back technology and Rheem highest efficiency collector CSA2013 to maximise solar contribution in all climate zones. It is particularly suitable for commercial applications in areas prone to frost and/or poor water quality. The HS Series provides superior benefits to conventional solar water heaters including ultimate frost and over-temperature protection by way of its unique drain back function. Collector type CSA2013

Features at a Glance

5 years
  • 1000 - 5000 litre nominal capacity storage tanks
  • Drain back operation, to provide frost and over heat protection
  • Indirect heating design
  • Modular design for flexibility to suit almost any application
  • BMS capability
  • Highest efficiency Rheem CSA2013 collector
  • Better suited to poor water quality areas
  • Dual Pumps and Heat Exchangers for redundancy
  • Accurate temperature control of delivered hot water through the Crossflow™ delivery skid
  • 5 year commercial warranty on cylinder 
  • 5 year commercial warranty on collector 
  • 5 year commercial warranty on heat exchanger 
  • 12 months warranty on parts and labour

*Warranty conditions apply

The solar water heater shall be Rheem HS Series comprising the following key elements. The collectors shall be Rheem model CSA2013 with 13 riser tubes, 2m2 copper absorber panel and selective blue tinox coating. The solar controller and pumps shall be factory integrated with duty standby functionality and be mounted on a galvanised steel frame. Deluxe models shall be equipped with data logging capability and all models shall have outputs for connection to a BMS system. The system shall have be capable of operating a minimum of 4 sensors for differential solar control (2) and solar secondary return based on differential control (2) and shall have the following minimum output functions: Solar pump control, auxiliary boost, solar secondary return drive open and drive close for 3 way valve operation, Run/Fail voltage free contacts for BMS. The system shall be supplied with a Water Mark certified 3 way motorised valve to maximise solar contribution using Solar Secondary Return functionality. The tanks shall be Rheem RT series carbon steel with nominal capacity of 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000L with 8 x 50mm water fittings and 4 x 15mm sensor connections. The tank shall be suitable for operation up to 90oCand 600kPa. The tanks shall be insulated with 100mm polypropylene fibre and aluminium clad. The tanks shall have 2 flanges for provision of auxiliary electric heating. The heat exchange system shall be separate from the storage tanks and be Rheem Crossflow®.