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Are you an apprentice plumber or do you know of an apprentice plumber that deserves $3,000 to help kickstart their career in 2024?

Applications for the 2024 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants open on Thursday 1st February 2024 and close 11:59pm, Sunday 28th April 2024.

This year there are 20 grants on offer, each valued at $3,000.

Each grant includes $2,000 to go towards TAFE/RTO fees and textbooks, and a $1,000 tool voucher to help build your toolbox.

To be eligible, you must be an apprentice plumber or gas fitter in Australia, either current or starting in 2024*.

*Grant recipients from previous years are not eligible to enter. If you have previously entered but were unsuccessful, you are still eligible to enter in 2024.

You can download and read the full Terms and Conditions here

If you have any questions about the Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants email rheemgrants@impactagency.com.au  

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What is different with the Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants program in 2024?

This year Rheem has increased the number of deserving apprentice plumbers from 10 to 20, with a $3,000 grant to support the progression of their studies and help launch their plumbing careers. We have also made some changes to the application form following our 2023 applicant feedback survey: 1. We have removed the employer statement requirement. You will still need to provide your employer's contact information as well as the trading name but they will no longer need to provide a 100-word statement. Please note that the employers of applicants who are shortlisted may be contacted to verify employment status. 2. We have also added a section for regarding whether applicants and their employers use Rheem products. This will not be judged as part of the application but data to be collected for Rheem's marketing purposes. For the full T&Cs visit: www.rheem.com.au/apprentice


Why does Rheem run the Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants program?

The Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants program was founded with the purpose to ease the financial pressure faced by apprentice plumbers. Rheem is passionate about investing in the skills and training of industry newcomers and the grants are Rheem’s way of thanking the Australian plumbing industry for its ongoing support.


When do entries open and close?

Applications for the 2024 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants open at 9am Thursday 1 February 2024 and close on 11:59pm Sunday 28 April 2024. Recipients will be announced on Tuesday 4 June 2024.


How do I apply?

To apply online please visit www.rheem.com.au/apprentice. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in TAFE/RTO or be participating in a school-based apprenticeship and employed by a licensed plumber or gas fitter. Prior to submitting an application, apprentices must gain their employer’s permission to be contacted to verify employment status if they are shortlisted. Note: If applicants are shortlisted in the judging process, they must supply a valid copy of their student ID to confirm their enrolment in TAFE/RTO or a school-based apprenticeship. Please ensure all sections are fully completed by 11.59pm Sunday 28 April 2024 via the online submission form. Please note all forms must be submitted electronically.


How do I log into the application portal?

If you’re applying for the first time, you can register an account, using your first name, last name, email address and password. If you have previously applied for a Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants and were unsuccessful, you can log into the AwardForce platform with your previous email address and password. For more visit: https://rapg.awardsplatform.com/


How do I know if I am eligible to apply for a grant?

If you are an apprentice plumber currently undertaking an apprenticeship in Australia and are studying at TAFE, university or with a Registered Training Organisation, then you are eligible to apply for the 2024 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants.


Do I need to be in a certain age group to apply for a grant?

The Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants are open to apprentice plumbers and gasfitters of any age, whether young or mature age. We have had school-based apprentices right through to an apprentice aged 64 apply!


I entered previously. Can I enter again?

If you applied in previous years but didn’t receive a grant, or you received a Recognition Award, you are eligible to apply again in 2024. Apprentices who have previously received a Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant are not eligible to apply for a 2024 grant.


Are there restrictions on what the grant money can be used for?

Each grant includes $2,000 to go towards TAFE/RTO fees and textbooks. This part of the grant will be transferred into the recipient’s bank account via electronic transfer. While this money can be spent at the recipient’s discretion, Rheem encourages the recipient put it towards TAFE/RTO fees and textbooks. Additionally, a $1,000 tool voucher to a plumbing supplies merchant or the recipient's choosing will be awarded.


Can I change my application answers after I submit?

You may edit your entry after submitting it as many times as necessary, up until the entry deadline. Entries close 11:59pm Sunday 28 April 2024.


Who will be on the judging panel?

The judging panel will consist of independent industry experts and a Rheem adjudicator. Their names will be announced alongside the recipients.


How does Rheem select the recipients for the Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants?

The Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants recognises applicants who embody qualities that make an exceptional plumber. We have an independent judging panel that looks for applicants that are passionate about what they do, can share how they’ve overcome adversity, and demonstrate how they contribute to their local community. The panel reviews every application, taking into account the following: ? Will the grant make a significant impact on the applicant’s life and career? ? How has the applicant set goals for their career? ? Has the applicant shown dedication to their career as a plumber, so far? ? How does the applicant show a commitment to improving the industry and wider community?


When will the recipients of the grants be announced and how will they be notified?

Recipients of the 2024 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants will be announced on Tuesday 4 June 2024. Successful recipients’ will be contacted by a Rheem representative and an announcement will be made on the Rheem website at: www.rheem.com.au/apprentice.


Will/can I get feedback on my application answers?

At this stage, we will not be providing feedback. If there is a specific question you are having difficulty with you can email rheemgrants@impactagency.com.au for tips.


Can I ask my TAFE teacher for help?

Yes, you can ask your TAFE teacher for advice, but the application is based on your experiences and career goals. For any other questions or queries email: rheemgrants@impactagency.com.au


Where can I get further information?

You can email rheemgrants@impactagency.com.au and a Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant representative will contact you.