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Making the REAL difference

Over a year in the making and involving significant research and development: the new-look electric hot water systems from Rheem have been unveiled. These products have a range of new features which extend their life, and they’re now backed by a 10-year cylinder warranty – the longest electric water heater warranty on the Australian market.

“They come in 250L, 315L and 400L capacities, and have undergone substantial re-engineering and redesign to withstand more than 10 years of operation,” says Ben Murphy, Rheem’s Group Product Manager – Electric. "Our research shows that warranty is very important to consumers, and we have focused on creating a warranty that is true to its word.

“We’re calling this the REAL difference for good reason, as it encapsulates the new and enhanced features of these products.”

REAL: a snapshot


E- Superior ENAMEL

A – Larger ANODE

L – LOCALLY made

In extending the warranted life of the products, Rheem has incorporated a range of new and enhanced features including:

  • Redesigned cylinder dome top: This has been re-profiled, resulting in an even stronger, more robust design.
  • Large anode: Rheem has introduced larger sacrificial anodes to support the new electric range of products. The diameter of the standard black anode has been increased from 21mm to 27mm, providing physically more material to help protect and prolong the life of the cylinder. Specialty blue anode models have also had their anode size increase from 17mm to 21mm. These are located into an anode support, which supports the increased weight of the larger anode, preventing it from swinging in the tank and potentially causing damage to the cylinder or anode itself during transport and installation.
  • Enamel specification: The new range will feature a commercial grade, proprietary blend Class Y enamel. This special blend enamel is both stronger and more durable than domestic grade Class X enamels. Less soluble and more resistant to high temperatures, this enamel coating will last for longer, ultimately prolonging the life of the water heater.

A number of aesthetic changes have also been made to a range of Rheem electric water heaters. These include replacing the name band with a Rheem badge and technical label, delivering a cleaner new appearance.

Embossed pipe-seals have also been introduced. These now nominate fitting types for the relief valve, inlet and outlet to identify the fitting type more clearly and give a cleaner appearance by eliminating the need for individual labelling.

The 250L to 400L models also receive enhanced packaging livery, clearly displaying that the range has a 10-year cylinder warranty, is Australian made and has dual handed fittings. There are also QR codes that refer plumbers and consumers back to dedicated product landing pages on www.rheem.com.au.

All other Rheem packaging will now be upgraded to feature a twin flute specification. This is both stronger and more rigid than single flute packaging, providing better product protection and improved in-store presentation.


Another key differentiator is the fact that Rheem’s 250L, 315L and 400L electric water heaters are made in Australia, at Rheem’s Rydalmere NSW manufacturing facility.

“These products are created in our Australian factory, which means we can control the processes and continually improve the manufacture of our water heaters,” adds Ben. “All Rheem product is made in wholly owned and operated Rheem manufacturing facilities, and we have a 50-strong local R&D team which is backed by a national sales, service and support network.

“Rheem water heaters are installed in literally millions of Australian homes and they’re built with the knowledge and experience gained from over 75 years of manufacturing in this country. And in creating these new models of electric water heaters, our R&D team has focused on creating water heaters which meet the rigours of the Australian environment and are designed to last.”

For more information on the new 491/492 series range, contact 132 552.

About Rheem Australia – www.rheem.com.au

Rheem has been manufacturing in Australia since 1937 and is the largest producer of water heaters in Australia. Its brands include Rheem, Solahart, Vulcan, Raypak and Everhot. It employs in excess of 1000 people in Australia in five manufacturing facilities in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia. It has additional subsidiary organisations in New Zealand, Asia and Europe. It is the worldwide market leader in Solar Thermal products.

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