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Rheem launches EZiSET Smartphone remote controller

Rheem Australia has just made controlling hot water even easier. It has launched its new Rheem EZiSET® Smartphone Remote Controller, making bath and shower time easier for customers across the country. The new product – the first of its kind in Australia – enables householders to set their ideal water temperature and bath fill level from their phone.

The Rheem EZiSET combines a range of features and benefits that will appeal to both plumbers and householders. It connects to compatible Rheem 12-27L Continuous Flow water heaters* and allows users to:

  • Set the hot water temperature (up to 50˚C)
  • Set a bath fill level and automatically turn off the hot water when the level is reached
  • Save favourite temperature/volume settings
  • Program everything from a Smartphone
  • Use the security and superior signal strength of the home WiFi and powerline network

“The ease of installation of the Rheem EZiSET makes it appealing for both plumbers and home owners alike,” says Rheem Marketing Director, John Collignon. “Once installed, the Rheem EZiSET can provide householders - and parents in particular - added peace of mind when it comes to bath time. For plumbers, it’s a great, simple value-add component to the installation of a Rheem Continuous Flow water heater.”

  • Straightforward to install : there is no need for wiring work or penetration of external and internal walls. Ease of installation means a lower cost for customers compared with wall controllers and allows for a ‘plug n play’ user experience.
  • Controlled by owner’s smartphone: this means there are no remote controls that can be misplaced. Householders simply download the Rheem EZiSET app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The app supports up to 10 smartphones with multiple-user management.
  • More reliable than Bluetooth technology: the Rheem EZiSET uses the security and superior signal strength of the home WiFi and powerline network, which means it’s more reliable than Bluetooth technology. In addition, the maximum temperature that can be set is 50˚C for added safety.
  • Warranty: Rheem EZiSET comes with a three-year parts and labour warranty¹.

Rheem EZiSET comes in a ready-to-install kit containing:

  • Control module to install into the Rheem Continuous Flow unit
  • PLT adapter to plug into a powerpoint and connect to the customer’s WiFi modem via the Ethernet cable supplied

Rheem EZiSET is available now. For more information, contact your Rheem Sales Representative or call Rheem Customer Support on 132 552.


*Rheem 12 (876812), Rheem Metro 16 (876T16) Rheem 20 (876820), Rheem Metro 26 (876T26), Rheem 27 (876627, 876027, 866627, 866027). Suitable for Rheem 12-26L manufactured since 2018 and Rheem 27L (50˚C) models.

¹Conditions apply. See the Warranty set out in the Owner’s Guide & Installation instructions or view at rheem.com.au/warranty