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Rheem announces 12-year cylinder warranty

Leading water heater manufacturer Rheem Australia has increased its Rheem Electric cylinder warranty to an unrivalled 12 years across 80-400L models – the best cylinder warranty in the business.  

Incorporating over 80 years of manufacturing excellence, the new 12-year cylinder warranties cover Rheem VE Electric (80L/125L/160L/250L/315L and 400L*), Rheem Plus (50˚ C temperature limited range: 125L – 315L), and the full Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Electric range (50-315L).  

“These Rheem cylinders are engineered and manufactured here in Australia for the ultimate quality, reliability and durability. We are proud to now offer class-leading warranties that are two years more than any other VE electric water heater,” says John Wilkins, Product Marketing Manager – Rheem Australia.

Enhanced features

A number of models have been re-engineered for even longer life, with key benefits including:

  • Improved reliability and longer life : Rheem VE Electric 80L - 160L units have had significant engineering improvements including upgraded cylinder, Rheem’s exclusive ‘Ultranamel’TM  - Class Y enamel to prolong the life of the water heater, plus thicker 27mm anodes with an inbuilt anode support.
  • Improved durability and easier installation: Rheem Stellar Electric Stainless Steel 50L-315L units resist corrosion for longer than vitreous enamel, have no anode for lower maintenance costs, and at up to 42% lighter than same capacity VE models, are easier to handle and install by one person.
  • Increased energy savings : Rheem Stellar Electric Stainless Steel water heaters perform up to 24 per cent better than the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), reducing energy use and energy bills.
  • In -built tempering valve: Rheem Plus is the only electric water heater on the market with an in-built tempering valve, making installation faster and lower cost, where a tempered installation is required

*There is no change to Rheem 25L, 45L or 50L model cylinder warranties, which remain at 7 years.

Aquamax and Vulcan 80-400L Electric models also now offer an increased cylinder warranty of 10 years, with the Aquamax and Vulcan 50L models upgrading to 7 years warranty.