Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters - Rheem

A relatively inexpensive solution to your hot water needs, Rheem electric storage water heaters are ideal for use with money saving off-peak tariffs and are available in a range of sizes to suit most needs. Whether you’re a small family on a budget or a larger family with a big demand for hot water, Rheem has the solution that is right for you.

Larger capacity - 125 to 400L

For the medium to large family
Key Features

  • A vast range of solutions available – indoor or outdoor, small through to large tanks and the ability to have abundant hot water from higher element sizes and twin elements
  • 7 and 10 year Warranty options available

Large Electrics

Rheem Domestic Hot Water Brochure

Smaller capacity - 25 to 80L

For units, apartments & tight spaces
Key Features

  • Even a small tank that fits under a kitchen bench can heat a lot of hot water in a short time – great for apartments, canteens and town houses
  • Dual handed models available for easy installation

Small Electrics

Rheem Domestic Hot Water Brochure