The Zen of Commercial Water Heating

Zen Apartments

Issue 1: September 2017

When Rheem was approached by plumbing contractor Bluewater Group and Jem Consulting Engineers to provide a cost-effective hot water solution for the new 30-story Zen Apartments in Sydney, the Rheem Tankpak Series 2 was the obvious choice.

Assembled offsite and wind load certified for buildings up to 200m*, the Rheem Tankpak is simple to install, tough and reliable, and is designed to operate successfully on the rooftops of high-rise buildings.

“Our Tankpak Series 2 is Rheem’s next generation of commercial water heating, combining our industry leading continuous flow gas technology with mains pressure. Not only is it easy to install, our top down heating provides faster hot water delivery and redundancy,” says Joshua Elliott, Rheem NSW commercial sales manager.

“Furthermore, the assembly is also certified for crane lifting, providing peace of mind for the contractors and consultants that the system would be ideal for this installation.”

Steady, hot and strong

A Rheem Tankpak 12 with three Rheem storage tanks services 170 apartments at Zen every day, delivering a minimum of 11,000 litres of hot water over a one-hour peak period each morning.

The industry leading Tankpak is rated 6-star heating efficiency and comes with two heavy duty tank sizes both with high flow 50mm fittings, left and right hand plumbing options, back to back and inline arrangements, and certified wind rated galvanised frames.

“The Rheem Tankpak Series 2 is also WaterMark certified providing confidence for our specifiers, plumbers and end users,” Joshua adds.

Tankpak facts and figures

  • Rheem Tankpak Series 2 is available in models as small as 2, all the way up to 18 Continuous Flow Water Heaters
  • Each model incorporates the controller, pump, line strainer and power supply for all of the water heaters on the package and is fully factory assembled and tested requiring only connection of the storage tanks on site
  • The Rheem Tankpak frame and assembly is wind load certified for buildings up to 200m in all terrain categories up to and including wind region B, and 30m in terrain category 3 and 4 in wind region C*
  • The assembly is also certified for crane lifting

For more information on the Rheem Tankpak Series 2 and how it could suit your next high-rise installation, please contact our Rheem Commercial sales team on 132 552.