What is a Gas Water Heater?

What is a Gas Water Heater? - Rheem

Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters

Gas Continuous Flow water heaters heat water continuously on demand, giving hot water that ‘never runs out’ as long as water keeps flowing. They are ideal where there are not a large number of hot water demands at once but many at different times (such as many people having showers one after the other). They are compact and come in varied capacities to suit small or large homes. Available in 50C or 60C temperature models, they can have remote temperature controllers fitted enabling you to set the hot water temperature. They are typically 5 Star energy efficient, but models up to 7 Star equivalent are also available, as are Indoor models (which require a flue). They need a power point as well as gas supply (which will need to be a larger pipe than for a Gas Storage water heater).

Gas Storage Water Heaters

Gas storage water heaters heat and retain a quantity of water in an insulated cylinder, ready for use. They provide hot water at mains pressure, and as they can deliver the whole stored quantity immediately it’s needed, can service many outlets (such as several showers) at the one time. And it will deliver to them all at main pressure. When emptied, it takes time to reheat and have you back in hot water, but high recovery models (like Rheem Stellar) can reheat 200 litres an hour. They came in capacities from 90 to 170 litre in 3, 4 or 5 Star energy efficiency levels, within Indoor models also available.