Stellar - Rheem

Rheem Stellar® is synonymous with the best in gas hot water providing superior energy efficiency and hot water recovery. For 20 years, hundreds of thousands of Australian families have appreciated Stellar’s high performance ability to service many showers at once.

Now Rheem Stellar® adds even more innovation and performance with the addition of Stellar Stainless Steel to the range. Available in electric and gas models, Stellar Stainless Steel water heaters are designed and built in Australia.

Rheem Stellar® Stainless Steel water heaters are not recommended for installation in some areas. Find out if Stellar Stainless Steel is suitable for your home >>

Stellar Gas

The best in gas hot water

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel and Vitreous Enamel models available
  • 5 Star energy efficient
  • Mains pressure to power many taps at once
  • Big enough for the largest family
  • 10 Year cylinder warranty for complete peace of mind

Stellar Electric

The new benchmark in electric water heating

Key Features

  • Combines high thermal efficiency with the purity and performance of a stainless steel cylinder.