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Issue 3: May 2018

Cheers! Failsafe hot water for SA’s newest wine bottling facility

The Southern Bottling Company is a new table wine bottling facility in Adelaide, South Australia. As the country’s largest wine-producing state, demand for bottling services has increased in recent years, and the innovative company recently commissioned a new production base specialising in bottling wine for niche markets. It has a clear focus on preserving wine quality, high packaging standards and customer service.

With hygiene critical, the plant needed a reliable, failsafe hot water supply for its cleaning and sterilisation procedures. And a Raypak gas hot water unit with one 1000-litre stainless steel storage tank was the ideal solution.

The boiler unit supplies up to 50 litres-per-minute at 85˚C for a duration of 20-minutes at two-hour intervals. It also offers the capacity to boost the temperature to 95 degrees Celsius for certain processes when required.

Currently powered by an LPG supply, the plant will convert to mains gas supply when it becomes available.

“Our technicians were faced not only with the challenge of dealing with limited external fitting space, but also the need to make sure the unit is accessible for future gas mains conversion,” says Sean Chester, Rheem’s Commercial Sales Manager SA/NT.

“We addressed these requirements and Southern Bottling Company will have a reliable and sustainable hot water supply for many years to come.”

In summary

Plant 1
• 1 x Raypak BO430PCM LPG gas boiler unit
• 1 x Rheem RT 1000-litre Stainless Steel Storage tank
• 1 X bottle steriliser

Installing Contractor: Advanced Commercial Plumbing, February 2017

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