Rheem 45L COMPACT - Rheem

Rheem launches new 45L ‘Compact’
Ideal for restricted space installations

17th June 2014

Rheem Australia has launched its new 45L ‘Compact’ electric water heater, a solution that’s designed to fit into confined spaces – providing enough hot water for close to a 14 minute shower.

“This is the smallest over 40L electric water heater on the market,” says Ben Murphy, Rheem’s Group Product Manager – Electric & Heat Pump. “This new model provides a solution that fits into standard kitchen cabinetry designed for pre-MEPS 50L electric water heaters, common in older style three-storey walk up apartments. Modifications to these old cabinets can be difficult.”

The compact design of Rheem 45L Compact avoids the cost, time and potential for damage arising from modifying the existing cabinetry required to fit ‘regular’ 50L water heaters. It has a 393mm diameter and is just 668mm high (including the anode cap). And while officially rated as delivering 40Ls of hot water (in accordance with AS/NZS4692.1 & AS/1056.1), the Compact actually delivers 45 litres of hot water when tested to AS/1056.1. In fact, when tested against the Aquamax Compact 50L electric water heater (EM50), the Rheem 45L Compact was able to deliver slightly more 42˚C hot water than the competitor model.

The Rheem 45L Compact features a superior 1400kPa pressure rating, and comes in two element power ratings – 2.4kW and 3.6kW. A 2.4kW model with power lead is also available.

In addition, it has dual handed cold inlets, hot outlets and T&PR fittings, as well as recessed fittings to minimise the installation space required. The product also comes with a 7-year cylinder warranty.