Replacing An Electric Water Heater

Replacing An Electric Water Heater - Rheem

Has your electric water heater stopped working, or stopped working well enough? Well, it’s a good time to consider all your water heating options.

If you are thinking about replacing your current electric hot water system, we recommend the following steps:

Step 1: Check if your electric water heater can be repaired

Your current electric water heater may need repair rather than replacement. If it’s not working, or not working well, check the troubleshooting section in your Owner's Guide before you do anything else (you can find your manual online by searching Owner's Guides). You could also call Rheem Service on 131 031 for advice.

Step 2: Consider whether you can (and want to) to install an identical heater
as a replacement

Some state governments around Australia have restricted the installation of electric water heaters in residential dwellings, so you need to check the regulations in your area when considering your options.

Replacing an electric water heater with another electric water heater ("like for like" replacement) is a popular choice because they
  • are easy to install, especially if you’re replacing an existing electric unit
  • heat water quickly, especially with more powerful or twin elements
  • can be inexpensive to run where lower cost night rate and extended off-peak electricity tariffs are available and used
  • are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • are available in small through to large tanks including units small enough to fit under a kitchen bench and heat a lot of water in a short time – ideal for apartments and units

Our electric range includes adjustable thermostats and 7 year and 10 year cylinder warranty options. Find out more about our electric water heaters.

Step 3: Consider alternative water heating options

Rheem Gas, Solar and Heat Pump hot water options are all efficient and practical replacements for an electric heater. To find out about the Rheem water heater types and what’s best for you, you can:

  • ask your plumber
  • call the Rheem Service Team on 131 031
  • read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below

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