Protecting our local environments

Protecting our local environments - Rheem

Rheem Australia is committed to protecting the local environments in which we operate. In line with this commitment Rheem Australia’s operations have in place a range of pollution control and emission monitoring systems.

Our main Australian manufacturing facility is located adjacent to the Parramatta River in western Sydney, and operates in strict accordance with an Environment Protection Licence. The facility has in place a comprehensive Pollution Incident Response Management Plan and conducts regular monitoring of emissions from the facility.

Trade waste liquid discharge is monitored and controlled on-line and independently tested every 60 days, with results sent to Sydney Water.
The NSW EPA requires Rheem to test six emission points around the factory each year. Following a review in 2015, Rheem fitted 6 metre extensions to our existing exhaust stacks for better air distribution.

The Pollution Incident Response Management Plan and results of emissions monitoring can be accessed via the links below.