Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Storage Water Heater - 260L Indoor - 620260

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Storage Water Heater - 260 Litre - Indoor - 620260 - Gas - Rheem

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Storage Water Heater - 260 Litre - Indoor - 620260 image
Storage Capacity (L)Thermal Input (MJ/h)First Hour Delivery (L)LocationWarranty
26050385Indoor5 years on cylinder

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas water heaters have been designed to supply large quantities of hot water. The cylinder is protected by multiple anodes and a double layer of vitreous enamel.

  • Designed for greater protection
  • Adjustable thermostats
  • Equa-Flow® system allows for flexibility in installation
  • 5 year Commercial warranty on cylinder*
  • 12 month warranty on parts and labour*

*Warranty conditions apply Click here to view warranty details

Calculate required Performance data
Enter Value °C (20-70°C)
Max Thermostat Setting (°C)65
Min Thermostat Setting (°C)off
Water Connection ("/mm)RP 1¼/32
T&PR Connection ("/mm)RP ¾/20
T&PR Setting (kPa)1000
ECV Setting, not supplied with water heater (kPa)850
Max Water Supply Pressure w/out ECV (kPa)800
Max Water Supply Pressure with ECV (kPa)680
Approx Weight Empty (kg)98
Gas Connection ("/mm)RP ½/15
Electrical Connection:NA
Current running (Amps)NA

The water heater(s) shall be Rheem heavy duty gas model no. 620260 with an hourly gas input of 50 MJ (Natural & SNG), 40 MJ (town), 40 MJ (TLP), 47 MJ (Propane), 39 MJ (Butane), and a hourly recovery rate of 190 (Natural & SNG), 165 (town), 155 (TLP), 180 (Propane), 150 (Butane) litres through 50°C rise. The water heater(s) shall conform to Australian Standard 4552. The water heater shall be factory assembled and tested. Gas controls shall incorporate over temperature energy cut off switch and a 100% safety shut down failure control in the event of the thermostat becoming inoperative. The storage cylinder shall be insulated using CFC free polyurethane foam.