Tankpak Series 2, 1-18 Internal

Tankpak Series 2, 1-18 Internal - Tankpak - Rheem

Tankpak Series 2, 1-18 Internal image
Storage Capacity (L)Thermal Input (MJ/h)First Hour Capacity (L)LocationWarranty
325-1230205-36901150-16040Indoor5 years

Rheem Tankpak Series 2 is the next phase in commercial water heating, combining the benefits of mains pressure and continuous flow water heating.

Rheem Tankpak Series 2 deluxe is supplied with the controller, pump, in line filter and water heater power supply factory assembled, requiring only connection of the storage tank on site.

  • 84% thermal efficiency heat source 6 Star heat source
  • Vitreous enamel storage tank up to 82°C operation
  • Large flow 50mm storage tank fittings
  • Digital temperature display
  • Fully hot dip galvanised frame with Tankpak 2-18

Warranty Conditions, 5 years warranty on cylinder and heat exchanger, 1 year on parts and labour. 12 months warranty on Heat Exchanger when used with a thermostat setting exceeding 75°C

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Performance data results
Max Thermostat Setting (°C)82
Min Thermostat Setting (°C)60
Water Connection ("/mm)see download tab
Max Water Supply Pressure w/out ECV (kPa)800
Max Water Supply Pressure with ECV (kPa)680
Approx Weight Empty (kg)-
Gas Connection ("/mm)see download tab
Electrical Connection:see download tab
Min Water Supply Pressure (kPa)200
Minimum Flow Rate (L/min)-
Min Circuit Size (Amps)4=15, 5 to 7=20, 8 to 18=30

The water heater(s) shall be Rheem Tankpak Series 2 model no. ________ with an hourly input of ________ MJ and a hourly recovery rate of _______ litres through 50°C rise. The water heater(s) shall conform to AS4552. The water heater shall operate on the top down heating principle. The water heaters shall be factory assembled and tested and include thermostatic control, double redundancy timers and double redundancy pump relays housed in an IP44 enclosure. Deluxe models shall incorporate general purpose outlets for continuous flow water heater power housed in a water proof enclosure, and cold water inlet line strainer. The frame shall be hot dip galvanised and third party certified for wind loadings up to 74.87m/sec*. Models shall be suitable for wall, floor or back to back mounting, model dependent. Storage tanks shall be Rheem model no. 610340 with a storage capacity of 325 litres or 610430 with a storage capacity of 410 litres with heavy duty enamelling and 25mm sacrificial anode and shall be fitted with 50mm BSP connections. *74.87m/sec based on a Type 2 structure, 25 year design life, 1/250 ARI, Region C only.