Lazer Eco 7.5L - 70307W

Lazer Eco 7.5L - 70307W - Lazer Eco - Rheem

Lazer Eco 7.5L - 70307W image
Storage Capacity (L)Recovery per hour (L/h)No. of Cups Initially

A cost effective boiling water unit, with an “Eco mode” button for one touch sleep function and reduced energy consumption

  • Easy to clean white power coat finish
  • Eco-mode is a unique one button control
  • Automatic safety devices safeguard the unit against boiling dry
  • Automatic boiling point calibration
  • 2 years warranty on parts and labour*
  • 5 years warranty on tank

*Warranty conditions apply Click here to view warranty details

Cups per hour123
Product Dimensions (WxDxH mm)334 x 264 x 515
Approx Weight Empty (kg)9
Approx Weight Full (kg)19
Electrical Connection:Supplied with 10 amp 3 pin plug & flex
Plumbing Connection:1/2" BSPM
Max Water Supply Pressure (kPa)1000
Min Water Supply Pressure (kPa)50
Power Input (kW)2.4

The boiling water unit(s) shall be Rheem Lazer model no. 70307W with an initial draw off of 50 x 170ml cups. The heating element(s) rating shall be 2.4 kW, operating on 220 - 240 volt, 50 Hz-single phase electricity supply. The outer jacket shall be powder coated white. The unit operation shall be fully electronic, incorporating water level sensors, solenoid valve, heating unit and temperature sensor. All operational functions shall be controlled by an electronic control box, incorporating an over temperature function to prevent the unit boiling dry. The unit shall incorporate a one touch Eco sleep mode. The unit shall automatically calibrate the boiling point of water.