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Our products - Rheem

Water heating accounts for more than 20% of the average Australian household’s energy use, so any energy savings built into water heating products can make a big difference to the environment. That’s why we’re committed to developing renewable energy and water saving products such as high efficiency gas, solar and heat pump water heaters.

Rheem Australia leads the way in energy and water conservation in the water heater industry with our innovative range of products which include:

We’re proud to be a worldwide pioneer in solar water heater technology because a solar water heater can reduce a household’s water heating energy use by up to 80%. We export our patented technology across the globe in the form of brands such as Solahart, Edwards, Vulcan and Rheem.

Heat pump water heaters' main energy source is heat from the air around us – a totally renewable energy. This renewable heat provides approximately two thirds of the energy that a unit requires, whilst the rest is supplied by electricity. As a result, heat pumps typically use two thirds less energy than an electric water heater.

We’ve been a long term leader in high efficiency gas products – we launched the world’s first five-star gas storage water heater in the 1990’s (The Rheem “Stellar”) and we’ve continued to innovate ever since. Our 6 Star energy efficient range of continuous flow gas water heaters ensures we have a high efficiency gas solution available for al types of households.

Taking our efficient models worldwide

Rheem Australia takes Australian renewable energy products to the world. Our innovative solar and heat pump technologies have made their way into major commercial projects in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the subcontinent.