Our employees

Our employees - Rheem

Rheem has in place an Environmental Policy to which all employees are expected to adhere.
This includes obligations to:

  • adopt and promote manufacturing best practice in energy efficiency and in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • continually reduce the environmental impact of our business
  • promote responsible use and management of scarce water resources

The company is committed to creating a culture which encourages staff to participate in the improvement of their site’s environmental performance. As a result, Rheem employees have suggested and implemented sustainability initiatives across many parts of our company operations, including:
  • manufacturing plant employees suggested rainwater harvesting in the enamelling area, a project which was subsequently implemented
  • spare parts department employees collect and shred waste paper and cardboard for re-use as packaging material
  • service department employees collect waste cardboard for collection by a charity organisation
  • employees in the IT department coordinate the collection of redundant computer and printer hardware for donation to a charity organisation for recycling and reuse