Guardian Warm Water

Guardian Warm Water

Issue 2: December 2017

Maximum safety, maximum flow, maximum protection

Since the late 1980s, Rheem has been at the forefront of centralised warm water system design, leading the way when it comes to manufacturing, installing, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Back in 1993, Rheem released System 42, the first Rheem product to combine thermostatic mixing technology and chlorine disinfection. And in 2003, Rheem launched its flagship system Rheem Guardian Warm Water with UV disinfection.

Today, Rheem is arguably the largest supplier of centralised warm water systems across the country, with over 3,000 systems installed nationally.

“There’s been lots of talk recently within the industry concerning the supply of safe tempered warm water within a variety of facilities,” says David Micallef, Commercial Technical Marketing Manager, Rheem Australia. “However, Rheem has extensive experience in this area and a long safety track record. We’ve been providing guidance for more than 20 years on the safe and effective application of centralised warm water systems.”

Simplicity in design, installation and maintenance

Rheem Guardian Warm Water is a simple, highly flexible and popular warm water solution. Rheem Guardian employs Rada 320 thermostatic mixing valve technology and is supplied pre-assembled in a neat tamperproof enclosure. This ensures quick and easy installation – indoors or outdoors – and requires no electrical connection, which improves reliability. UV disinfection is supplied as standard.

“To ensure the utmost safety, we recommend compliance with the most stringent commissioning and maintenance regime in accordance with Australian Standards. This also includes strict compliance with local regulations to safeguard against Legionella,” explains David.

Practical hands-on guidance and advice

Rheem provides practical, hands on guidance and advice to hydraulic engineers, plumbing contractors and facility managers on the correct application of centralised warm water systems. Good design, correct installation, appropriately commissioned and maintained systems will provide years of reliable service.

Speak to Rheem Commercial today on 132 552 to find out how Rheem Guardian Warm Water can meet your application requirements.