Flood Affected Water Heaters

Flood Affected Water Heaters - Rheem

Our advice for water heaters that have been partially or fully submerged is that in the majority of cases they will need to be replaced. The reasons for this requirement vary between water heater types and the extent of damage to the specific water heater unit in question. As a general rule submerged water heaters will have:
  • Electrical components including controls, pumps & motors damaged beyond repair and/ or with indeterminate functionality following contact with water
  • Gas components and flue paths including heat exchangers may be affected by silt & blockage leading to unsafe operation
  • Other components of the water heater such as insulation may be rendered ineffective thereby affecting the operation of the water heater
If contaminated water has entered a water heater, the quality of the potable water provided may be compromised and it is recommended that the unit be replaced.

In some cases a water heater may be able to be salvaged, however the warranty status of the water heater may be affected.


Do not attempt to operate a flood affected water heater without advice from a qualified plumber, gasfitter and/ or electrician.

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