Continuous Flow Accessories

Continuous Flow Accessories - Rheem

A range of accessories including Pipe Covers, Recess Boxes and Temperature Controllers are available to compliment your Rheem Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater.

Remote Temperature Controllers

  • Rheem Bathroom Controllers can be set up to 50°C.
  • Deluxe Controllers offer a “bath fill” mode, which turns off the water flow once the bath is filled – at exactly the temperature you set.
  • Reem Standard and Deluxe Electronic Temperature Controllers are optional on all models allowing you to choose the exact temperature you need and to guard against scalding.

Rheem EZ Link

  • Up to 54L/Minute by linking two Rheem units to act as one, thereby doubling capacity

Recess Boxes

  • Rheem’s padlock security feature will also help protect the water heater.
  • Recess Boxes will set your Rheem into the wall.