4 Star Minimum Energy Efficiency

4 Star Minimum Energy Efficiency - Rheem


Gas Domestic Outdoor Water Heater Minimum Energy Rating Lifted to 4 Stars.

The Federal Government has announced changes under the national GEMS (Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards) scheme, which mandate 4 Star minimum energy efficiency for Gas outdoor water heaters, effective 3rd May, 2013.

This means a 3 Star Gas outdoor water heater not manufactured or imported on or before May 2nd, 2013 cannot be sold in any State. The new minimum energy efficiency level is 4 Stars.
The determination excludes the following product categories:

  • Gas Storage water heaters with nominal gas consumption in excess of 50 MJ/hr
  • Continuous Flow water heaters with a nominal gas consumption in excess of 250 MJ/hr
  • Gas Storage water heaters certified only for Indoor installation

This is consistent with State and Federal Governments’ commitment to lift the minimum performance standard of Gas outdoor water heaters sold across Australia. Minimum standards are already in place in South Australia (which requires Gas water heaters meet a 5 Star minimum performance standard), NSW and Queensland. The regulations in these States remain unchanged.

The move to a 4 Star minimum represents an efficiency improvement of approximately 8% over a 3 Star gas water heater, and will save the average household, moving from a 3 Star to 4 Star unit, around 2,000 MJ of gas per year.

Rheem Australia proactively began the transition from 3 to 4 Star Gas domestic outdoor water heaters over 18 months ago, and has ceased 3 Star Gas domestic outdoor water heater manufacture in line with this announcement. Both Rheem and Vulcan brands have established 4 Star Gas domestic outdoor ranges which are now in stock and available nationally. These 4 Star gas water heaters share the same tank dimensions and fitting locations as the outgoing 3 Star models.
Note that these changes do not affect Indoor 3 Star gas water heaters, which can be installed as currently with no change. Rheem continues to manufacture and sell Indoor 3 Star gas storage water heater models.

We will continue to keep you informed of future changes in regulations affecting all areas of water heating.